Colorado – France…

It has been far too long since my last update… A whirlwind of travel and new experiences! I think airports are become my second home …

After the East Coast trip, I was torn between the temptation of a dry spring in the Valley and checking out a place that everyone always talks about…  I chose the mid-west, and spent a few weeks, checking out the huge variety of climbing around the Boulder region.

The Ships Prow

Unfortunately i did not really strike the conditions at a great time, though it was an early summer, the Diamond was by all reports still rather wet… And down around Boulder it was pretty crazy hot. But, I still climbed a lot, switching it up between Boulder Canyon, Mt. Evans and a day on the Ships Prow.

Alpine wild flowers

I especially enjoyed discovering new high altitude boulders up on Mt Evans, at over 4000m! The first day was epic – Coming straight from sea level and over tired, I suffered lightheadedness, intense head-spins and was permanently out of breath. However, it was super fun exploring new areas brushing up boulders and discovering projects to return to…

So many Marmots

Then it was off to the Rock & Ice Photo Camp. I did not quite know what to expect, and so came prepared for everything… It all began by a late night trip out to Aspen – Three girls (Sasha, Jessa and I) sleeping in the back of the 5.10 van, while Ronnie drove! In the morning we arrived at camping to be greeted by a very keen crew of amateur and pro photographers, Rock & Ice staff and pro climbers.

The next three days were a blast – lots of climbing, swimming, deep-water soloing and photos, with a great crew in a stunning location…. Thanks to Rock & Ice  and Five Ten for inviting me to this event! I am looking forward to seeing the photos in the next edition of the magazine!

Tools of the trade…

My time in the USA ended all to fast – Time never seems to last for long enough! Once again I found myself on a jet plane, headed for Europe. After a quick visit with the family in Germany I was off to the Natural Games in Millau. What an amazing event – Climbing, Kayaking, Biking, Slack lining and constant music, both DJs and live bands. It was super high energy and the crowds were massive – I don’t think I have ever seen so many people in one place.

Floating bridge to the Natural Games site

Luckily I did manage to sneak away out to the cliffs for a couple of routes with Steve and Siad… It was ridiculously hot, but we still managed a couple of beautiful long 8a’s – Classic George du Tarn! Thanks Petzl for organizing a great event… It is always fun to hang with team Petzl!

Photo: Fin d'après midi plus fraiche dans le Tarn Mayan Smith Gobat Natural Games 2012

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2 Responses to “Colorado – France…”

  1. Keep posting the updates, missed your visit to New Plymouth but still inspired by your exploits, you will complete ‘punks’ one day!

  2. Millau was great. Me and some friends where also there, for a 2 weeks climbing vacations in Tarn and Jonte, with the Natural Games in between.
    Greets from Portugal

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