Roctrip – Gorge du Tarn

My life seems to continue to make me run like crazy just to try to keep up with myself… This hectic lifestyle is normal right now, but I still find myself struggling to adjust quick enough to maximize each new situation…


Saint Rome De Dolan, over looking Gorge Du Tarn

Within a couple days of arriving back in France, I found myself driving to Gorge du Tarn for the 2013 Roctrip, with the Petzl team – always a fun and crazy time. In comparison to the last couple years, this years Roctrip was relatively low key… It was a pleasant change to go to an established area in France, rather than in the middle of nowhere, and just have a really fun few days climbing and hanging with Team Petzl. 


On Moules Frites 7c+

We all stayed in “Saint Rome De Dolan”, a tiny village (if you can even call it a village), on the upper rim of the gorge – A stunningly beautiful location looking out over the Tarn. And spent each long summers day climbing till nightfall, enjoying everything from short steep power test-pieces, to epic adventures of over 60m. I spent most of my time on these long routes, making the most of having 200m ropes and fixed quickdraws – I rediscovered how much I love long resistance routes, where it is not uncommon to spend an hour on each attempt. We even started referring to the 40m routes as “short”! Unfortunately the three days I had to climb were not nearly enough. However, it is always inspirational and humbling climbing with these incredible climbers… Watching Clement onsight a 70m 8b+, and Chis, Dani many others literally run up 8a’s (onsight) like they were nothing! 


Dani trying a project at L’Oasif

This was the third Rocktrip I have been to, I am beginning to know the team a little better and really enjoy the time I get to spend with this incredibly talented and fun loving team. Flashback… A few years back, while still based in NZ, I remember watching Petzl movies about roctrips and dreaming about one day attending one of these events! Now, this seems like an entire lifetime ago… This year I struggled to fit in a few days at the Roctrip in between China (Adidas Rockstars) and Colorado, where I am now headed for the Rock & Ice Photocamp! 


The Petzl base at Saint Rome De Dolan

Ahhh, how quickly life and your entire perception can change, it really is an intense… I am so busy, flitting between incredibly different experiences, that I have to really focus on enjoying the moment. It is easy to get caught up in constantly thinking about the next step and not fully enjoying the now, let alone reflecting on the past. Yet, I believe this is the key to enjoying life – There is no point to living if you cannot appreciate where you are right now! I am also realizing how good it is to take a few moments to reflect on the past, every now and then… and be amazed by life!

Thanks Petzl for welcoming me onto the team and for a really fun Roctrip at the Tarn… I am inspired to return!  


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