Metal Art

It all started with the making of a road sign for the Kahu Cafe, in Omarama. Steel has a natural feel of strength and permanence that I find very attractive… a quality which I have not encountered as strongly in other mediums. It is also a substance that has, until now, been  untouchable for me. Therefore, creating Metal art is very new and exciting for me.

The rusted steel made me feel compelled to recreate mountain scenes. I have grown up surrounded by mountains, they make me feel secure and at home. I feel that both Mountains and steel are symbols of strength, permanence and age, therefore, the two concepts work together to create a very strong piece… Like the mountains they depict, these works will outlive any of us, and probably even our great grandchildren.

The wall hangings are stylized silhouettes of mountains that have a special meaning for me… Mt Cook is my birth place, and Milford Sound is an amazing place to climb and one of my favorite places to just “be” in New Zealand.

Here is a selection of my work. These pieces are all made of 4mm rusted steel They constantly evolving… The latest development is backlighting, which illuminates them and also provides mood-lighting.


Glider soaring over Mt Cook, this piece is backlit and mounted as an outdoor light.

Milford 001

Milford silhouette, 001

Mt. Cook 002

Mt. Cook silhouette at sunset


Mt Cook silhouette at dawn, 2003, displayed at Drifter’s Inn, Hamner Springs

Mountings, side view

Kahu Cafe Sign, located on the main road through Omarama, NZ

Most of these works are for sale, and I can also make both signs and wall hangings to order. Please contact me on